Textile Industry

The Conftextil company, a luxury clothing brand, has a very full order book and a wide client base of French and international customers.

It must secure not only its materials supply but also the contractor that will manufacture the finished goods. The raw material needs are significant. The company needs to open a letter of credit before its contractor will start production.

Conftextil uses Lea Trade to issue the orders and open a letter of credit to Conftextil’s suppliers who are scattered around the world (Europe, Asia and North America). Lea Trade monitors the shipment and supplier payments process. As monies due are very significant (beyond the financial capacity of Conftextil) Lea Trade is paid directly by the key accounts (Conftextil’s clients).

With this solution, Conftextil has been able to follow its development plan and confidently grow its turnover from € 5M to € 33M in three years, whilst at the same time securing a strong profitability.