Supply chain control and monitoring for large Buyers

Lea Trade offers distribution and industry key accounts solutions to secure the supply of their components. When suppliers are SMEs, with a real product expertise but limited financial capacity, there is often a risk of a break down in the supply chain. The consequence is often the non-delivery or non-compliance of products ordered. Lea Trade, thanks to its international presence and expertise in supporting innovative SMEs, is able to provide simple and reliable solutions.

Lea Trade intervenes to:

  • Provide payment to the contracted production factories
  • Enforce compliance to the specifications of the different links in the supply chain (manufacturer, control and inspetion agencies, forwarders, logistics companies ...)
  • Secure a smooth execution of the key account’s order
  • Manage the payment of the order and of the entire supply chain

Thanks to the intervention of Lea Trade, the major key accounts can benefit from the innovative products from the most creative SMEs / SMIs.

Lea Trade is simultaneously both a facilitator and an accelerator of growth for all trading partners wherever they may be.