electronic sector

The Synthemusic company has developed speakers for iPhone / iPod that are hugely innovative both in terms of their technical performance and their design. They launched the distribution of products simultaneously in both Europe and Asia. The market response has been very positive and orders are increasing impressively. Their turnover is rapidly evolving from € 1.7 million in 2011 to € 4.5M in 2012 to an expected € 20m in 2015.

Synthemusic must secure the supply of key components well before production because they compete with giants of consumer electronics that use the same subcontractors. Yet the financial priority of Synthemusic is research and development and marketing.

So they decided to use Lea Trade to secure the supply of critical parts and also to buy finished products from the assembler based in Asia. Components are paid by Lea Trade on delivery and finished goods are paid by letter of credit when they arrive in Europe. Lea Trade approves the regular delivery of component parts, adequacy of orders placed and then delivered, and the timing of the final deliveries. Lea Trade is paid directly by the main key accounts and invoices Synthemusic for smaller orders.

Lea Trade enables Synthemusic to achieve its objectives smoothly and easily.